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Vacatures Varex Imaging Deutschland AG

Otto-Brenner-Strasse 10, 47877 Willich, Noordrijn-Westfalen, Duitsland

Varex Imaging Deutschland AG vacatures

Bedrijfsprofiel Varex Imaging Deutschland AG

  • Branche: Techniek
  • Hoofdkantoor: Dinxperlo
  • Aantal vestigingen: 3
  • Aantal medewerkers: 120
  • KVK naam: Varex Imaging Deutschland AG
  • KVK nummer: 4283452
  • Telefoonnummer: +31315659150

Over Varex Imaging Deutschland AG

Varex Imaging Corporation is a leading independent supplier of medical X-ray tubes and image processing solutions. From medical imaging, to cargo screening and border security, our components are used by X-ray imaging system manufacturers around the globe to detect, diagnose, and protect. Our products are designed to harness the power of X-ray energy to pioneer advances in many applications. We offer a wide range of products including X-ray tubes, flat panel digital detectors, high-voltage connectors, X-ray collimators, ionization chambers, mammography paddles, solid state automatic exposure control systems, and buckies for digital imaging. Our goal is to help our customers become world-class system suppliers by strengthening their competitiveness, and enabling them to bring products to market faster. Our rich history spans 65+ years of dedication to the imaging industry, but our everyday work is devoted to our partners’ success.

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Vacatures van Varex Imaging Deutschland AG:

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